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Amit Taneja
Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Kimberly Williams
Associate Director


Stephanie Guzman
Graduate Assistant

Days-Massolo Staff

Amit Taneja: Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Amit was born and raised in India, and his family moved to Canada in 1994. He earned his B.A. in Psychology at the University of British Columbia, and after graduating he worked at his alma mater as an Advisor at the Disability Resource Center. He holds a Master's Degree in College Student Personnel from Bowling Green State University where he served as a Graduate Hall Director. He is currently working on his doctorate in Higher Education at Syracuse University. His dissertation focuses on the intersection of race, class, gender and sexual orientation for LGBT students of color on college campuses.

Amit has previously served as the Associate Director of the LGBT Resource Center at Syracuse University (2005-11), and as a Residence Director (2003-05). Amit has taught academic courses in Sociology, Women’s Studies, First Year Forum, and the Summer Start program at Syracuse University. He has facilitated numerous CARE dialogues (Conversations About Race & Ethnicity), and co-developed and facilitated a curriculum for a Gender Dialogue for professional staff members in Residence Life. He served on Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals executive board for five years, serving as co-chair from 2007-10. He serves as a consultant and speaker on a range of diversity issues, and he has presented at many different colleges including Cornell University, Princeton University, Oberlin College, Ithaca College, and the University of South Florida.

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He is fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, and his hobbies include DJing, cooking, home repairs, running and flying kites. Amit can be reached at ataneja@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4252.

Kimberly Williams, Associate Director

Kimberly Williams was born in Concord, New Hampshire and later moved to Frankfurt, Germany, as her father served in the Air Force. She received her B.S. in psychology with a minor in sociology and creative writing at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). Her undergraduate focus included trauma, coping and its relationship to race, class and gender; her research studies concerned alcoholism, depression and abuse. Outside of academia, she was the founder of an international women’s organization. She was also the education chair of a counseling group and the residential liaison between student groups and student housing. After graduating in 2008, she was a home-based clinician for young women and later became an overnight counselor at a domestic violence shelter.

In 2012, Kimberly earned her M.F.A. in poetry from Cornell University where she continued to study intersectionality as a student and instructor. She has taught such courses as It is Black in Outer Space, focusing on Black science fiction and True Stories on Women regarding feminist memoirs. She has participated in multiple social justice panels at Cornell University. Her hobbies and interests include music, hiking and always, writing. She shares a living space with a red-eared slider turtle. Kimberly can be reached at knwillia@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4288.

Stephanie Guzman Stephanie Guzman: Graduate Assistant

Stephanie moved from Los Angeles, California, to pursue her Master’s degree in Higher Education at Syracuse University, where is she currently a full time graduate student.
She received her Bachelors of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences from California State University Northridge where she worked as a Peer Educator at the Career Center. As an undergraduate student, she held executive board positions on several different clubs and organizations.

Her work as an undergraduate student leader motivated her to enter the field of student affairs.  She likes to learn about different cultures, enjoys traveling and visiting museums, as well as outdoor activities. Stephanie works closely with multicultural student organizations, and implements programs and workshops for the Days-Massolo Center. She can be reached at sguzman@hamilton.edu, or 315-859-4537. Her office hours typically are noon-5 p.m. on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Student Ambassadors

Jake Meserve Blount '17, from Washington, DC, is building an interdisciplinary major in the Ethnomusicology of America.  He is also a Diversity Recruitment Intern in the Office of Admission, the Education Chair of Rainbow Alliance, and the founder of the Hamilton Hill Folk Colloquium.  Since 2013, Jake has been employed as a public speaker, a musician, a social media intern and a trash collector.  He has planned and led diversity programming for five years alongside both local and national nonprofits and organizations.  Jake can usually be found in his room listening to music, studying music, making music, or some combination of the three.  After he graduates from Hamilton, he intends to hop in a van with his banjo and guitar and keep driving until — someday — the engine idles out in front of a graduate institution. Jake can be reached at jblount@hamilton.edu.

Jorett Joseph '15 is majoring in Africana studies and government. Born in Miami, Florida, Jorett is a member of the second Hamilton Posse Miami. She is the Cultural Chair of BLSU, a member of the Feminists of Color Collective, and the Ministry Leader/Musical Director of the Hamilton College Sunday Morning Service. Being a Residential Advisor, Jorett has a very open personality and is always available to provide advice or point someone in the right direction. She recently worked with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission immersing herself in issues affecting diverse communities. She plans to attend law school and specialize in international law. In her free time she enjoys singing, dancing, and listening to different genres of music. Jorett can be reached at jjoseph@hamilton.edu.

Ryan Ong '16 is  majoring in mathematics and economics. Ryan is from Diamond Bar, California, a suburban city east of Los Angeles and currently lives on campus in Bundy West. Ryan is a new student orientation leader, a member of Rainbow Alliance, a member of the Hamilton College Choir, treasurer of Philanthropy Committee, class of 2016 treasurer, and Co-Chair of Cultural Affairs Committee. Recently, Ryan worked as an accounting & media intern at an advertising agency in Costa Mesa, Calif. After Hamilton, Ryan plans to work in strategy consulting and travel to various places around the world. Ryan enjoys long walks on the beach, TV shows (GG, Breaking Bad, Suits, Downton Abbey, HIMYM, the list goes on and on), Bikram Yoga, and dogs. Ryan can be reached at rong@hamilton.edu.

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