Days-Massolo Center

Amit Taneja
Director, Diversity & Inclusion

Janet Turvey
Assistant to the Chief Diversity Officer
315-859-4554 (fax)

Stephanie Guzman
Graduate Assistant

LGBTQ Resource Center

Coming Out Resources

The Days-Massolo Center has ample resources for LGBTQ students to use to come out to the community. First, the Open Doors Discussion Group meets in the center. This group provides a safe, confidential space for students who are not "out" yet to discuss their sexuality without fear of being judged. Students can also attend the Rainbow Alliance meetings every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. at the Days-Massolo Center for support and community. Individual faculty and staff who are "out" or "allies" can also be a resource (check out the "Out & Ally" List). The Counseling Center is also a great resource for students who would benefit from having  confidential support. Students can also book appointments with Amit Taneja, director of the Days-Massolo Center, by emailing ataneja@hamilton.edu.

Rainbow Alliance

The Rainbow Alliance is a student run group whose main focus is to provide a safe space for members to discuss everything LGBTQ related. They hold multiple events throughout the year such as guest speakers, open discussions, and the annual Drag Show. The Rainbow Alliance meets every Wednesday at 9 p.m. at the Days-Massolo Center.

Open Doors Discussion Group

The Rainbow Alliance is the perfect group for those on campus who are open to talking about all things LGBTQ related. But some members of the Hamilton community don’t feel comfortable with open LGBTQ discussion because they are not ready for anyone to know about their sexuality just yet. The Open Doors Discussion Group was created for those who aren’t “open” or “out” about their sexuality, but still want to talk about it. With discussions facilitated by Janine Knight ‘05, this group meets bi-weekly at night in the Days-Massolo Center. This group also adheres to the Safe Space Campaign and therefore provides a safe and confidential space for students. For more information about the Open Doors Discussion Group, feel free to contact Janine Knight at jknight@hamilton.edu.

Out/Ally List

Safe Space Campaign

The student run groups and programs held in the Days-Massolo Center encourage students to discuss topics regarding race, class, gender, sexuality, spirituality and more. Many students who come to student group meetings and programs are given the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. In order to ensure that students can do so without having their information misused and abused, the Days-Massolo Center follows the guidelines of a safe space. A safe space refers to an area that does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or any type of negativity towards those who are seen as “different.” This creates a space that is accepting of everyone, therefore people feel safe to be in it. With the safe space, students and faculty can be sure that they are coming to an environment that not only is trustworthy, but is also free of judgment and full of understanding.

Spectrum LGBTQA Alumni Group

Spectrum is a group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and straight ally alumni of Hamilton College. To find out more, click here.

For LGBTQ History month, the Days-Massolo Center, the Rainbow Alliance, and other offices and groups on campus hold several events for the community. Some events held in 2011 were lectures, safe zone trainings, an exhibit, and interactive campus-wide activities.

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