Outreach Adventure

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Hamilton College Outreach and Exploration Adventure Packing List

We recommend that you pack all these items in your backpack or a duffle bag (no hard suitcases). The packing arrangements can seem overly complex, but here goes: When you arrive you can move all your worldly goods for the entire year into your room on campus. You will then spend the first two nights in this room. Before you leave your room for the service site you should pack two separate bags. One will contain the items listed under “trip packing list” and the other will hold the items listed under “post-trip packing list.” When you show up to head out to your service site (on Sunday) bring both bags. You’ll take the first with you and the second will be sent ahead to meet you at your ropes course site.  (Note: it can get cold at night in the Adirondacks, so err on the side of warmer clothes for the “post-trip.”)

If you are on the Hunger and Homelessness, Construction, Beekeeping, or Food, Body, Mind trips, we also recommend that you only bring what you don’t mind getting dirty. Some of the work or activities will be messy and you won’t have nearly the fun you should if you are worried about your clothes.

Got it? If you don’t, feel free to give intern extraordinaire Emily a call at 315-859-4856 or send her an e-mail at oa@hamilton.edu

OA Trip Packing List
__   3 T-shirts
__   1 fleece pullover/sweatshirt
__   1 pair shorts
__   1 pair jeans/pants
__   3 pairs underwear
__   3-4 pairs socks
__   1 or 2 shirts/jeans for evening “hang out” time
__   pajamas
__   1 pair sneakers
__   1 pair sandals
__   rain jacket
__   toiletries (toothbrush & paste, contact solution, tampons, etc.) Keep it small!
__   extra glasses (if you wear contacts)
__   sunglasses, sunscreen, chapstick (SPF 15 and up)
__   any required medication
__   *1 quart sized water bottle
__   *sleeping bag and pillow
__   *work gloves

*We have a small number of these items for loan

Optional Items
__   camera
__   musical instrument
__   lightweight brimmed hat
__   playing cards

OA/XA Post-Trip Packing List (Joey Duffle)
__   2 t-shirts
__   1 sweatshirt, wool shirt or sweater
__   1 small towel (for swimming)
__   bathing suit
__   1 pair shorts
__   1 pair jeans
__   warm pajamas
__   2-3 pairs underwear
__   2-3 pairs socks
__   1 bath towel, washcloth
__   toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
__   flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries