Outreach Adventure

315-859-4041 (fax)

Meet the Folks Behind the Scenes

OA is a program of the COOP (Community Outreach & Opportunity Project) whose staff is pictured below:

Amy James

Amy James

Director of Community Outreach
(315) 859-4016

Lisa Nassimos

Office Coordinator
(315) 859-4856
Jeff McArn

Jeff McArn

COOP Advisory Board Chair
College Chaplain
(315) 859-4130



Emma Feitelson '17

Summer 2016 Assistant Director


(Amy James & Jeff McArn are OA Program Co-Directors)

Meet the Leaders

Our trips are co-led by excellent student leaders!


Jack McCaffery '17 

Major: Environmental Studies (focus in Economics)
Minor: Geoscience


Kara Pintye-Everett '17

Major: Psychology

Emma Feitelson '17

Majors: Psychology, Hispanic Studies


Bryan Ferguson '17

Majors: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,
Hispanic Studies

Hayley Goodrich '17

Major: Psychology


Nathalia Mahabir '17

Major: Psychology
Minor: Sociology


Collin Purcell '17

Major: Theater
Minor: Philosophy 


Jeremy Cottle '17

Major: Psychology
Minors: Linguistics, Philosophy


Sabrina Gattine '18

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Hispanic Studies


Genevieve Darling '18

Major: Psychology
Minors: French, Hispanic Studies

Ian Lunn '18

Major: Creative Writing


Sophie Dizengoff '18

Major: Women's Studies
Minor: Anthropology


Juliet Miller '18

Major: Diversity and Discrimination Studies
Minor: Art


Vi Pham '18

Major: Neuroscience
Minors: Linguistics, Art

Ella MacVeagh '18

Majors: Neuroscience, Art


Justin Sonberg '18

Major: Environmental Studies


Stephanie Kall '19

Major: Biology
Minors: Theater, Religious Studies

Sabrina Boutselis '19

Major: Undecided


Cassie Hayward '19

Major: Undecided


Tori Stapleton '19

Major: Undecided