The Senior Program

All senior physics students work collaboratively with faculty members on research projects as part of the Senior Program. This intensive one-semester project combines original scientific research with reading and understanding the scientific literature. It culminates in a senior thesis that is defended in a series of oral presentations. The Senior Program reflects Hamilton's commitment to a strong grounding in writing and public speaking.

Recent projects in physics include:

  • Numerical Experiments in Spin Network Dynamics
  • Effects of Co-Dopants on Rare Earth Dispersion in Sol-Gel Glasses
  • A Photometric Study of Variable Stars in NGC 6882
  • aCORN Field Mapping Robot
  • The Physics of Pulsar Emissions
  • Ultrasonic Imaging: A Phased Array
  • Suspension Bridges
  • Upconversion Spectroscopy: A study of materials doubly doped with Nd3+ and Pr3+
  • Star Gazing Through a Computer
  • Spontaneous Radiation of Free Electrons in a Non-Relativistic Collapse Model
  • Wind Tunnel Design
  • Heat Detection in the Human Body
  • Computer Control of a Self-Guiding Robot
  • Enhancing Sensitivity of the Astrophotographic Process
  • Stress Analysis of Beams