2008 Levitt Research Fellows

Matt Arnold '09 with Professor Chaise LaDousa
Education and Democracy in India

Kaitlin Britt '09 with Professor David Rivera
Public Opinion and Democracy: A Comparative Study of Russia and China

William Cowles '09 with Professor Kevin Grant
Gandhi's Political Community in South Africa

Sam Dudley '09 with Professor Lisa Trivedi
In the Name of Our Fathers: The Historical Conditions and Lived Experience of Partition in South Asia

Cameron Gaylord '09 with Professor Ted Lehmann
U.S. Foreign Policy and Oil: America, Democracy and the Global Oil Competition

Blake Hulnick '09 with Professor Frank Anechiarico
Assessing Federal Election Administration at the State and Local Level

Jennifer Karl '09 with Professor Lisa Trivedi
The Health of Women Textile Workers in Lancashire and Lowell

Silin Li '11 with Professor Steve Orvis
From McDonald's to Chinese Cultural Identity in a Globalization World

Wenxi Li '10 and Professor Douglas Ambrose
African Americans Vote Democrat: Trend or Here to Stay?

Andrew B. Miller '10 with Professor Chris Georges
Agent Based Modeling of Firm Dynamics and Labor Turnover

J. Kevin O'Connor '09 with Professor Peter Cannavo
Anacostia and the U-Street Corridor: Interactions between Class, Race, and Conceptions of Place in the Nation's Capitol

Lu Qi '11 with Professor Julio Videras
Lunar New Year of 2008 Encounters Big Snowstorm: How the Natural Disaster Reveals China's Migration and Economic Structure Issues

Li Qiu '09 with Professor Ann Owen
A Study of the Global Stock Markets Integration

Stephen Rowe '09 and Professor Robert Martin
Stephen Rowe '09 Studies Democracy and Justice in Nepal and India

Daniel Rudel '10 with Professor Dan Chambliss
Theories for Community Integration: Refugees in Utica, N.Y.

Razeena Shrestha '09 with Professor Stephen Ellingson
Social Entrepreneurship: How It Has Transformed Sustainable Community Development in Nepal

Xiaolu Xu '10 with Professor Peter Cannavo
The Challenge of Architectural Preservation in Booming Shanghai

Cindy Zhu '11 with Professor Steve Wu
The Impact of China's Housing Reform on Income Inequality

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