2009 Emerson Grant Recipients


Carly Andrascik '11 and Ernest Williams
Bio Blitz at Utica Marsh

Caroline Davis '11 and Laura Gault '11 and Steve Orvis and Marla Jaksch
State of Health Care in the Hadzabe Community

Yinghan Ding '12 and Margaret Morgan-Davie
Do We Need Government Regulations in the Airline Industry?  An Observation and Economic Analysis of the Current Price-making in the Unregulated US Airline Industry

Xiaohan Du '12 and Steve Goldberg
A Comparative Study of Public Education Programs in American and Chinese Art Museums

Molly Faerber '10 and Bonnie Krueger
Re-Imagining the Lais of Marie de France

Courtney Flint '11 and Professor of History Douglas Ambrose
Understanding the Continental Army in Revolutionary America

Juan Hurtado '11 and Craig Latrell
Street Theatre in Colombia

C. Fiona Kirkpatrick '10 and Chaise LaDousa
Reading Bollywood: Post-Colonial Discourse on Gender and Ethnicity in Contemporary Indian Cinema

Silin Li '11 and Alan Cafruny
China's Economy Stimulus Package and its Impact

Grace Liew '12 and Richard Werner
Of Gadflies and Growth: The New Tide in Malaysian Politics

Sitanshu Mishra '10 and Kevin Grant
From Newspapers to the Internet: How Technology is Changing the Representation of Indian Arranged Marriage

Sanjana Nafday '10 and Yvonne Zylan
The Blindfold is Off: Brooklyn's Criminal Justice System Viewed Under the Lenses of Race and Class

Chris Parmenter '10 and Nancy Rabinowitz
Euripides' Medea and its Tradition

Andrew Peart '10 and Catherine Kodat and Steve Yao
Toward a Twenty-First Century Poetry & Poetics in New Digital Field

Susan Perham '12 and Esther Kanipe
Oneida County's African America WW II Veterans

Rachel Pohl '11 and Anne Lacsamana
Comparative Analysis: Cuban American Feminism and Cuban Feminism

Julia Pollan '10 and Jenny Irons
Clowns for a Cause: Investigating the Clown Care Program as a Case Study for How Nonprofit Organizations Scale from Start-up to National

Casey Quinn '10 and John Bartle
Parsing Utopia: Russian Literature and the Classics

Stephanie Tafur '10 and Angel Nieves
Black Like the Depths of My Africa: Transnational Black Consciousness and Student Activists in Apartheid South Africa

Julianne Tylko '10 and Barbara Gold
The Hippocratic Oath, Ancient and Modern: A Lens Through Which to Analyze the Rationality of Medicine

Amber Wheeless '11 and Steve Humphries-Brooks
The Theology of Horror

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