2009 Levitt Research Fellows

Daniel Bunger '11
Co-operative Banks in the Financial Crisis: An International Comparison

Jiong Chen '10
China to Protect Intellectual Rights on Digital Media Products

J. Max Currier '10
Obama's War: Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Afghanistan

John Dunn '10
Reconciliation and Rugby in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Robert Eisenhart '11
Examining Human Rights Abuses in the War on Drugs: U.S. Foreign Policy and Plan Colombia

Alex Gross '11
Olde Nourse Farm

Jae Yong Kim '10
Is the Sun Shining on North Korea? North Korean Human Rights Crisis and the Roles of NGOs and South Korean Government

Erica Kowsz '11
Cultural Landscapes of the Irish Coast Heritage Project 2009

Injun Lyo '11
A Comparative Study of the Childrearing Practices of White American and Immigrant Korean Parents

Mario Magana '10
Democratization in El Salvador

Lauren Perillo '10
Women's Mutual Aid Societies in the Era of the Rise of the British Welfare State

William Preston '11
John Howland: the Separatist and His Posterity

Samantha Rabin '11
Open Season on Tourists? Identity and Community on Martha's Vineyard

Kevin Rowe '10
Community-based Urban Planning and Environmental Justice in Two NYC Neighborhoods

Ekaterina Staykova '10
Bulgaria's Integration in the European Union

Elizabeth Weber '10
The Homes and Possessions of the Women in Manchester, England

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