Academic Program in the Adirondacks


Janelle A. Schwartz
General Director

Hamilton's Academic Program in the Adirondacks is a place-based, semester-long learning experience that combines rigorous academic study with the skills and understanding gained through field experience in the Adirondack Park with local organizations and in wilderness contexts. The focus is on local, interdisciplinary environmental issues with global implications.

We seek to attract a broad spectrum of students who want to investigate the ecological, geological, political, economic, and cultural issues that have shaped the complex mix of natural and human environments in the Adirondacks. It offers students an opportunity to learn intensively, interdisciplinarily and experientially about the nature of place and place-making through stewardship and the liberal arts.

The program is open to juniors and seniors in their FALL semester.
20 students per term.

Each student will take a full load of courses (4 credit hours), taught by members of the Hamilton faculty: