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Hamilton prides itself on our supportive and opportunity rich community. From chatting to professors over coffee to participating in the microfinance club, Hamilton students are actively engaged in and out of the classroom. Take a moment to explore the plethora of opportunities and support services offered.


Travel photos submitted by Hamilton students

Peru<br />Photo: Alex Ossola '10
Tanzania<br />Photo: Calvin Johnson '10
Fez, Morocco<br />Photo: Anthony Garcia '10
Fez, Morocco
Patagonia, Argentina<br />Photo: Hannah Fazio '10
Patagonia, Argentina
Datong, China<br />Photo: Danielle Raulli '10
Datong, China
Cairo, Egypt<br />Photo: Simone Rutkowitz '10
Cairo, Egypt
Amritsar, India<br />Photo: Jori Belkin '11
Amritsar, India
Copenhagen, Denmark<br />Photo: Timothy Boucher '12
Copenhagen, Denmark
Honfleur, near Normandy, France<br />Photo: Arto Eli Leino '10
Honfleur, near Normandy, France
Venice Italy<br />Photo: Heather Otis '10
Venice Italy
Yunnan Province, China<br />Photo: Cristina Garafola '11
Yunnan Province, China
Girona, Spain<br />Photo: Evin Adolph '10
Girona, Spain
Hong Kong<br />Photo: Natalie De Boursac '11, International Student
Hong Kong
Prague, Czech Republic<br />Photo: Kerry Coughlin '11
Prague, Czech Republic
Madagascar<br />Photo: Jane Fieldhouse '10
London<br />Photo: Nick Squires '13
Montmartre in Paris, France<br />Photo: Isabel Rittenberg '11
Montmartre in Paris, France
Paris, France<br />Photo: Andrew Epstein '11
Paris, France
Paris, France<br />Photo: Linnaea Chapman '10
Paris, France
Moscow, Russia<br />Photo: Vaclav Tomicek '10
Moscow, Russia
Oxford, England<br />Photo: Catherine Fiona Kirkpatrick '10
Oxford, England
Queenstown, New Zealand<br />Photo: Cassidy Jay '11
Queenstown, New Zealand
llanbaris, Wales<br />Photo: Laurel Symonds '10
llanbaris, Wales
Katmandu, Nepal<br />Photo: Annop Pandey '10, International Student
Katmandu, Nepal
Edinburgh, Scotland<br />Photo: Alyssa Kanagaki '10
Edinburgh, Scotland
Scotland<br />Photo: Sarah Cryer '10
Carchi, Ecuador<br />Photo: Sofia Guerron-Cardenas '10, International Student
Carchi, Ecuador
Denmark<br />Photo: Katherine Burke '10
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