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Do international students have additional advising or support at Hamilton?

Yes. The International Student Advisor in the Dean of Students Office counsels international students on immigration issues such as: passport and visa questions, travel in and outside the United States, health insurance, employment authorization forms, etc. The Dean of Students Office (DOS) also organizes the International Student Orientation every year, matches students with International Friendship Program volunteers from the community, and works closely with Hamilton's International Student Association (ISA) to coordinate social events and provide a network of support and advice for our international community. Each year the DOS office updates the International Student Services (ISS) page on the Dean of Students Website which contains a wealth of useful information about our college and American culture in general.

International students who sign up to be part of the College's International Friendship Program (IFP) will be assigned a family or an individual from the community with whom they will connect on numerous occasions throughout their years at Hamilton. These local volunteers provide advice, support and an important bridge to the greater community. Whether they invite students to their homes during breaks or throughout the semester, take them out to dinner and social events, share their culture, or attend events on campus with students, IFP volunteers are an additional resource for our international students throughout their years at Hamilton. Many are connected with Hamilton College in one way or another: they may be Hamilton professors, staff members, or friends of the college living in the area.

Do international students have a separate orientation program?

Every fall, international students have a special two-day orientation prior to the regular freshmen orientation. Although the international orientation is optional, we strongly recommend that students come early to attend the events. It is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the new culture, relax before all the other students arrive on campus, meet some of our returning international students and the international student advisor, and connect with your International Friendship Program (IFP) family if you have requested one. As part of the orientation you will also open a bank account in the US, learn about social and academic life at Hamilton, do some shopping, and, of course, make new friends.

Does Hamilton provide career-related counseling?

Yes. The career center is a vital resource for students preparing to enter the workplace or graduate school. Our career center offers resume and cover letter workshops, personal assessment evaluation sessions, mock interviews, internship and job listings and career counseling. The career center Website is updated frequently and contains a diverse range of information about life after the Hill.

Can I speak to a current student about his or her experiences at Hamilton?

Please feel free to contact a current Hamilton student through the "Ask a Student" Webpage.