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September 20, 2009   As my sophomore year was coming to a close, I needed to figure out whereabouts I wanted to live for the next year.  Since I was having such a fabulous time rocking out in Babbitt 13 with my roomie and suitemates, I thought to myself, why not just live in the suites again?  However, by some magical happenstance that quite possibly defies all laws of Hamilton housing lottery, I not only ended up living in Babbitt again, but in the exact same suite.  And the exact same room.

I do have new suitemates and a new roommate.  This year (or this semester, at least), our suite has been warmly dubbed "the Faux-Op," in reference to the Co-op, a house on campus that cooks their own deliciously organic meals every day.  While I do not share the same passion for cooking in our suite's kitchen as my suitemates, I do help with the eating part.  You'd think that at some point one would get sick of brownies, bruschetta, and the like, but no, this is not the case.

After a summer living in Bundy (a dorm down the hill), and my home-home, it was nice to return to Hamilton and be reunited with my lovely room.  There's a certain comfort in knowing the ins and outs of living somewhere before even arriving back on campus.  I think, in some respects, Babbitt 13 is starting to become my home away from home.  And that's pretty suite.

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