Prologue Part 2

September 20, 2009   Hola hola everyone!  How are you?  I'm fine, thank you.  A little about me, you ask? (...and if you didn't ask, I'm going to tell you anyway).  Well, I hail from the Land of 10,000 Lakes (there's actually something like 20,000, but who's counting?) in a suburb a short walk away from the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities.  I was really sad I missed the State Fair this year.  But I quickly got over my lack of eating everything-on-a-stick when I stepped back on campus this August.  The sun was shinning, the grass was green, the first-years were frolicking.  It's going to be a good year.

If there's three things you should know about me, it's that I like sports, music, and the anterior cingulate cortex. I also like to write journals on occasion for whoever would like to read them.  A few possible topics for the upcoming semester:

That is all.  For now.

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