If you landed on this page, you were curious enough about our QR code poster to get out your smartphone and give it a try.  Why, you might wonder, would a college -- especially one with a campus as beautiful as ours -- waste an opportunity to display a pretty picture in every guidance office in the country?

Frankly, that is a question we keep asking ourselves.  But every now and again, we decided, you need to separate from the pack and do something different.  We admit that we are, in part, poking fun at the newest technological craze.  What is also true is that we had a hard time settling on just one image to stand for Hamilton. That's when we realized we didn't have to, we could put the QR code to good use, and assembled this collection of Hamilton pictures for you to sample.

If you like what you see here, we hope you’ll explore our website and get on our mailing list.  We'd love to send you more information about Hamilton, pretty pictures and, well, QR codes.


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