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Prianka Imanudin ’14

Prianka feels that college is what you make of it. “Hamilton offers the world on a hill, and it’s your responsibility to search the many gems sprawled out.” He notes, “I have grown so much since freshman year and attribute that growth to the many friendships I’ve made, the brilliant professors I’ve studied under, and the activities I’ve participated in.”

One faculty member who has had a profound impact on this young man from Queens, New York, is John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy Richard Werner. “I took his Contemporary Moral Issues class during my freshman year and was blown away by the breadth of [Professor Werner’s] knowledge on just about everything. He asked us to think in nontraditional ways and asked us questions that challenged our way of perceiving not only moral issues like the death penalty, but also daily events that occur in our own lives. … This has also influenced the way I approach materials in different disciplines.”

With a major in Chinese and a minor in philosophy, Prinka remains undecided about his future, although he shares, “I know I want to help people. ... I am an ambitious person, so whatever I end up doing, [my] Hamilton education will help me flourish. The most important lesson I’ve learned here is that if an opportunity presents itself, take it.”

Another pivotal experience for Prianka was studying abroad in Beijing, China. “I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the experiences I had there. My Chinese improved tenfold, I made lifelong friendships and I came back to America with a new thirst for life.” On-campus, he has participated in Model EU, which enabled him to travel to Poland for the Euroism conference. He also has served on the College’s Judicial Board, been a member of the Asian Cultural Society’s mentoring program for adopted kids from China, volunteered for Project SHINE, hosted a radio show on campus station WHCL and held two on-campus jobs.

“As both a first-generation American and college student, I would not be attending Hamilton without the generous support from donors. [The College’s] sense of community still astounds me to this day. Through thick and thin, the community sticks together and weathers the harshest of winters. It is not surprising why Hamilton alumni are so loyal.”

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