Alumni Participation Challenge

Jakubauskaite ’13

Biology major from Panevezys, Lithuania

Agne has accepted a position at the Alt Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital where she’ll focus on B- and T-cell development, as well as genes involved in DNA repair and their role in preventing cancer. Last summer she was a research fellow at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. Agne also assisted Professor Lehman with his ongoing investigation on the TBhR gene. Found in fruit flies, the gene, discovered by Lehman, could lead to a greater understanding of the central nervous system and its various disorders.

"What makes Professor Lehman a Teacher with the capital ‘T’ is that he has never spoon-fed me but rather has challenged me to find the answers by myself while he has been always here to guide me through that process. I always feel that in his lab my opinion is valued and trusted, which made me more responsible and more motivated."

— Agne Jakubauskaite ’13

"Collaborative student-faculty research embodies our learning environment at Hamilton. Research provides hands-on, engaged experiences for our students, promotes students’ intellectual development and independence, and informs faculty instruction at all levels of our curriculum."

— Herman Lehman
Professor of Biology

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