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How to Complete the Printed Contact Forms

Demographic Information

Make updates and changes in section #1, as appropriate (marriage, e-mail, child(ren), divorce, home and work contact information, undergraduate activities, etc.).

Contact Dates/Notes

Use the blank lines in section #3 to log your attempts (e.g., 10/11: tried calling at home; 10/14: tried calling at work; 10/19: sent e-mail) or any other pertinent information (e.g., in France through March).

Once You Have Made Contact

Indicate specifically the results of your call. If a credit card gift or specific pledge is made, write the dollar amount on the line provided. If a specific refusal is made, note the reason.

Your Message to Donor (bottom of printed form)

  • Fill in the dollar amount of the gift or pledge, if applicable.
  • Sign your name.
  • Right below your signature, write a short, personal note of thanks. Your message serves as the initial thank you and/or reminder, and is much more effective when written by you.
  • The Alumni Office will mail this bottom portion to everyone except refusals, with a return envelope, as needed.

Return full-page, completed contact forms to the Alumni Office using the envelope provided, or submit calling results online at www.hamilton.edu/afvolunteer.