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Annual Giving

Annual Giving

Calling and Online Results Reporting

You can now report the results of your annual fund calls online. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to: www.hamilton.edu/afvolunteer and sign in using your HOLAC ID and login.
         • Need a password reminder? my.hamilton.edu/myhamilton/forgotpassword.html.
  2. Under “My Assignments” click on “View My Assignments”
  3. In a moment a screen will load and display your overall class results, followed by a list of your selected assignments.
  4. When making calls, click on the individual you wish to call. An online version of our calling form will appear containing contact information and giving history. Use this information to reach out to your classmate.
  5. When you’ve completed your call, select the “Report My Results” tab at the top of your screen.
  6. Using the drop down selection box, choose a result (e.g., “Gift by Credit Card”).
  7. You can enter additional information about your results in the text box provided.
  8. Once you’ve completed your report, click the “Submit” button. A confirmation screen will appear saying “Your results were successfully reported” and will provide you with links back to the volunteer website or to view your assignments.
  9. Remember to return to the Annual Fund Volunteer Site (www.hamilton.edu/afvolunteer) often to check on the status of your assignments and report your calling results.

Thank you for volunteering to serve Hamilton and the Annual Fund. If you have any
questions, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 866-729-0315.