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Making a Successful Annual Fund Call

As a fundraising volunteer for Hamilton, your role is simple:

  • Compel your classmates to support Hamilton by sharing your own reasons for giving;
  • Provide them with the information, time and support needed to comfortably make a generous gift decision.

Follow these three easy steps for a successful call or email:

Step 1: Prepare

  • Remember that you are representing Hamilton. Make sure that you understand and can explain why the College needs financial support.
  • Make your own Annual Fund commitment first. It adds to your credibility and persuasiveness.
  • Review your classmate’s giving and personal history. Has he or she given every year? Does your classmate have a child at Hamilton or one who has graduated from the College?

Step 2: Make contact

  • Introduce yourself and explain that you are reaching out on behalf of Hamilton.
  • Thank them for their past support, celebrating items like significant increases or an impressive number of consecutive years giving.
  • Share your own reasons for giving and ask for their support. Suggest a specific amount that is thoughtful and proportionate to their prior giving.
  • Listen thoughtfully to any objections. If you do not feel you can address adequately them, put them in touch with your class representative in the Alumni Office.
  • Report your results on the Annual Fund Volunteer site, which can be accessed at https://my.hamilton.edu/alumni/volunteer-system. If a pledge is made, record the specific dollar amount and staff will follow up.

Step 3: Follow up

  • Always report your results in the Annual Fund Volunteer site so the Alumni Office can follow up promptly on pledge commitments, refusals, or contact info updates.
  • If an initial email receives no response, follow up with a phone call.
  • If you miss the person or reach an answering machine, leave a concise message with your contact information. Request a call back.
  • Say thank you with an email or handwritten note. The sooner, the better.

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