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Annual Giving

Let the games begin! The opening round has started of this intra-decade competition pitting the classes of the '80s and '90s against each other until one class stands alone as champion! Help your class advance by making your gift and encouraging your classmates to do the same. Emerging victorious will not only give your class the satisfaction of bragging rights, it will also make a real difference for Hamilton students.  Make your gift today.

The Rules
  1. The class that generates the most gifts to the Annual Fund in the given week moves on to the next round.
  2. Alumni who have already made their gift are able to make an additional gift to support their class.
  3. In the event of a tie, dollars raised during that week will be the deciding factor.
  4. Final Four Wild Card Bid: The class who is knocked out of the bracket as of March 26th but has the most number of gifts during the month may replace a class in the Final Four if the eliminated class has more gifts throughout the tournament than any class in the Final Four.