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Senior Gift Campaign

Class of 2011 Senior Gift

Hamilton’s Arts Initiative: This Senior Gift will be a large donation to support Hamilton’s latest Arts Initiative. When the new Arts Building is completed there will be a placard announcing that the Class of 2011 helped make the new space possible. The gift will be immediately commemorated with the purchase of a piece of art produced by a Hamilton senior. This piece will be publicly displayed and maintained to serve as a reminder of the Class’s commitments to the Arts at Hamilton.

Class of 2011 Senior Gift Reveal




Angela J. LoSchiavo
James R. Lacey

Committee Members

  • Justin A. Atwood
  • James S. Beslity
  • Michael W. Bethoney
  • Andrew J. Branting
  • Samuel H. Bristol
  • Corbin R. Brown
  • Michelle Choi
  • Kerry Q. Coughlin
  • Rachel A. D'Angio
  • Alice K. Dannenberg
  • Kriti A. Dave
  • Caroline E. Davis
  • Lindsay E. DeVellis
  • Alexandria C. Dotson
  • Laurel A. Emurian

  • Peter O. Erwin
  • Caitlin C. Fitzsimons
  • Courtney D. Flint
  • Michelle N. Franco
  • Andrea L. Frederick
  • Edwin O. Gaston
  • Lauren A. Gerhart
  • Emily T. Gerston
  • Ms. Amy L. Goldstein
  • William H. Gowen
  • Kevin W. Graepel
  • Rebecca S. Green
  • Mallory K. Joel
  • Charles I. Kaplan
  • David P. Loan

  • Luke T. Maher
  • Emma Racine
  • Lesley E. Ryder
  • Emma A. Simmons
  • Elisabeth A. Singh
  • Lauren E. Specht
  • Nicholas D. Stagliano
  • Kenley E. Stark
  • Jennifer A. Talevi
  • Lauren M. Vilardo
  • Lauren F. Vitale
  • Linus W. Walton, Jr.
  • Caitlyn M. Williams
  • Andrew L. Witkowski
  • Lauren B. Zoltick

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