2012–13 GOLD Scholars

Meghan O’Sullivan ’15

During her first two years at Hamilton, Meghan O’Sullivan ’15 learned that with hard work and a little support anything is possible. A native of Madison, CT, the double major in Comparative Literature and Public Policy has pursued an ambitious course load, participated in a number of extracurricular activities, and volunteered on and off the Hill. She is passionate about fostering connections among people of different ages and backgrounds and has taken a leadership role as a COOP Service Intern, founder and Director of the Sidekicks mentoring program, and starting this fall, Director of the brand new first-year leadership and mentoring program, LEAP.

Meghan believes that what makes Hamilton special is its tight-knit community and “the willingness of faculty, administrators and other students to go above and beyond the call of duty.” She says that the Hamilton experience encourages students to become comfortable “in their own skin” and learn how to communicate effectively. The small class sizes, “capped at 40 kids — what could be better?,” the beautiful campus and seemingly endless list of activities also make Hamilton unique. As she starts to think about life beyond the Hill, Meghan realizes how well Hamilton is preparing her for success, adding that her “ability to think analytically about problems has dramatically improved.”

Meghan is grateful for the alumni support that has made her dream of attending Hamilton a reality. The financial aid package she received has had “a tremendous impact” on her life. She sees evidence of alumni generosity all over campus but particularly in her involvement with extracurricular activities and independent summer research, which have been made possible through funding from the Levitt Center and Kirkland Endowment.

“Every day my experience here is indirectly the product of the generous donations of others who have graduated before me,” she says, “and I am truly grateful for that.”

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2012–13 GOLD Scholars