2013–14 GOLD Scholars

Tsion Tesfaye ’16

College Hill is a long way from Tsion’s home in Holeta, Ethiopia. As she poured over college webpages, she found that “the ‘Hamilton is one big family’” comment kept coming up again and again.” She became certain she’d found the perfect fit. “As I clicked the submit button for my ED application, I knew it was the right decision.”

Tsion, who intends to major in mathematics with minors in physics and computer science, admits that “registration periods are the most confusing moments for me.” With so many wonderful professors and courses to choose from, she finds it difficult to limit herself to four classes a semester. “Each experience is invaluable to me.” She adds, “I came to Hamilton not decided on my major and with unfocused passion for working in the education sector in developing countries.” She now feels her path is clear and that she will be ready to assume a leadership role in “improving the education system, starting in Ethiopia, and expanding to other developing countries.” She also plans to attend graduate school in mathematics.

Tsion’s future as a leader has also been defined through her participation in the Levitt Leadership Institute, along with a plethora of extra-curricular activities. She has been a member of the Finesse Step Dance team, SAVES (Sexual Assault and Violence Education and Support), Mathletics and the Alternative Spring Break Program, and has served as both a COOP (Community Outreach and Opportunity Program) intern and Admission Ambassador.

One of the most important life-lessons she has learned over the past two years is that “differences do not signal right or wrong, rather they celebrate the various views of life. As I walk in others’ moccasins, understanding their views enriches mine and vice versa.” And she knows that her experiences are tied to those who have generously supported the College. “In addition to the generous financial aid I receive, when I look around campus and notice the dedication name plates on almost every building, I wonder if Hamilton would have been possible if it was not for the openhanded financial support of its donors.” To the College’s many alumni, parents and friends she shares a sincere “thank you,” adding, “I hope to pay it forward.”

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2013–14 GOLD Scholars