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Committee on Development Meeting

October 3, 2008

Today, as we continue to focus on the topic of the past two meetings — planned gifts for alumni of any age — we seek your input on our plans for the future. Among the planned gift strategies available to alumni of all ages are bequests, estate plan provisions and beneficiary designations, such as naming Hamilton a beneficiary, or a contingent beneficiary, of a retirement plan.

The "lull" between campaigns provides an opportunity to communicate with alumni about the importance of having an estate plan in place, to ask them to advise if they have made provision for Hamilton, and to suggest to others that they include the College in their plans. A project of this magnitude is known as a "Will Survey" of the alumni body.
Many peer colleges include bequest intentions for donors of a minimum age in their capital campaign totals. As this Committee contemplates the next capital campaign, we have an opportunity to discuss the wisdom of crediting bequest intentions and its impact on the "Will Survey."
We welcome your comments and suggestions about the "Will Survey" and counting bequest intentions for individuals at least 70 years of age in the next capital campaign.

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