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Delta Upsilon at Reunions '12

Dear Hamilton Delta Upsilon Alumni,

As you know, the College’s Bicentennial Reunion is scheduled for Thursday May 31st through Sunday June 3rd.  It promises to be a most memorable celebration of Hamilton’s 200 years, one we hope you have marked on your calendar in boldfaced letters.

Fraternities were an important part of the life of the campus for all of us DU members, and they are still part of the Hamilton experience for many of the current students. The Bicentennial Reunion weekend offers us an opportunity to have a reunion within a reunion. Many of the fraternities are using the weekend to have a gathering of their alumni brothers. We DU’s don’t want to miss out on that opportunity. To that end, several of us have formed a committee of sorts to help coordinate plans for bringing our DU alumni together.

What follows [see schedule below] is a very tentative outline of the plans we’ve come up with thus far. The activities and the venues for the reunion are dependent on the response we get – the College will assign us a venue that will accommodate the size group we get. Obviously, having a gathering at Ferguson, our former DU Chapter House, would appeal to those DU alumni who lived and ate there during their years on the Hill.

Housing and Registration

You may request to be housed in Ferguson on a first-come basis when you register for a Reunion package.

The DU dinner and one hour of cocktails will be included if you register for the Friday arrival package.

If you are in a reunion year, you will join your class for Saturday dinner; non-reunion year alumni will attend dinners by decade.

The Bicentennial Reunion will be a weekend to remember as we reconnect with our DU brothers and other Hamiltonians in commemorating this milestone in the College’s history. We hope you’ll join with us in making the DU presence at this special gathering a large and enthusiastic one.

Fraternally yours,

Jess Vilsack '00, Cosmo Castellano '74, Wil Everhart '70, Jerry Pitarresi '71

Tentative Schedule

Friday, June 1

11 a.m.
Delta Upsilon Alumni Present Hamilton Athletics Then and Now
Bruno Colapietro ’57 will share stories of athletic accomplishments during his class’ four years at Hamilton. Athletics Director Jon Hind ’80 will recount some of his own student-athlete anecdotes and provide an update on the current state of Hamilton sports. All DU athletes and fans are welcome to join the discussion.
Kirner-Johnson 203
Inter-Greek Alumni Council meeting and lunch at AD/Eells

Reps from DU join other fraternity and sorority alumni

5:30 p.m.
DU Cocktails and Dinner
Tent in front of DU/Ferguson
8 p.m.
DU Gathering

After dinner, head to the porch at DU/Ferguson for drinks and conversation

* Other Greeks have organized Friday afternoon and evening entertainment - TDX and Psi U have bands and live music; AD will have DJ and music on their porch for "house party"

Saturday, June 2

2 p.m.
Talk by Christie and Tom Vilsack '72:  "A life in politics"