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Minor Theater Festival

Whether you majored in theatre or enjoy being part of a company of players, you are invited to join Hamilton and Kirkland alumni for a festival marking the close of Minor Theater. The festival will take place during Reunion Weekend. Plan to join the celebration on the Hill, June 5-8, 2014.

If you are attending Reunions Weekend to only participate in the Minor Theater Festival, please read the specific Minor Theater Festival registration page.

Please see our schedule page for all Minor Theater events during Reunions Weekend.



Mainstage Performances in Minor Theater

Richard Nelson '72
Richard Nelson ’72 in his dorm room at Hamilton, 1972

"What I Did on My Summer Vacation" from Roots in Water
by Richard Nelson '72




Harry Kondoleon '77
Harry Kondoleon '77
"Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise"
by Harry Kondoleon

...A comic soap opera about urban sophisticates, it’s one of those crazy, Joe Ortonesque plays in which the characters say and do the outrageous things most people think of but never actually say and do – that’s how Kondoleon can squeeze so much material into a feverish 45 minutes...
— Don Shewey, “Playing Around,” Soho News

...Kondoleon had a very special contempt for long “family argument” plays where the on-stage brawling was less interesting than the fights you have in your own home. ...the theatrics in Kondoleon’s play Self Torture and Strenuous Exercise should eclipse your own domestics... by about a million watts...

— Chris Boyd, Melbourne Herald Sun

by Barbara Wiechmann '83

Summary: An elderly couple argue bitterly over differing versions of the story of their marriage. In the end the back and forth rhythms of their quarrel transform into a kind of love song.


"A Near Fatal Epiphany"
by Sara Carlson '06, winner of the Main Stage competition

Summary: While "a rebound girl" is sleeping soundly in his bed, Benjamin imagines a conversation with his ex-girlfriend, Katherine. Should Benjamin call Katherine this late at night? Is someone sleeping in her bed too?


Alumni Showcase Performances

The Alumni Showcases are an exciting opportunity for alumni to show the Hamilton community what they’ve been working on since they last strutted across Minor’s stage. Whether you would like to highlight an alumni-driven production you’ve been a part of, gather a group of alumni to put on something you’ve written, or create an impromptu piece (group or solo) the week of the festival — the Alumni Showcases is the place for you!

Showcase performances will take place throughout reunion weekend, Thursday, June 5 through Sunday, June 8. The campus will be open to pre-approved participants starting Monday, June 2 for the purposes of organization and rehearsal. Please let us know if you want to arrive before June 5 so that we can seek approval for housing and rehearsal space.

We will provide a time, space, and basic technical crew for selected showcases. We will not provide directors, actors, other creative personnel, etc. The Alumni Showcase Committee will be in touch with your group leaders at the conclusion of the selection process to discuss technical needs.

Deadline for submission: February 28, 2014

Alumni Colleges

Fools’ Forge: A Clown Workshop

Inspired by Federico Fellini’s i Clowns, FOOLS’ FORGE will serve as preparation for the “clown funeral procession” celebrating the “death” of Minor Theatre and the opening of the new performing arts building on Sunday, June 8. Through an exploration of clown logic and physicality, participants will create unique clown characters that they will use to perform during the funeral procession. This is a high-energy, fun-fueled workshop intended to celebrate and mourn Minor Theatre’s quietus.

Retrospective Exhibition

If you have theater-related memorabilia from your time at Hamilton or Kirkland, please consider lending or donating items for use in an exhibit during the Minor Theater Festival.

Imagery would be particularly welcome, with information on who is in the photo (left to right), date, location, production, and any other relevant context.

Accepted donations will be preserved for posterity within the Hamilton College Archives. Before sending any items, please email minor14@hamilton.edu describing your item(s), condition, context (including year and production), with an image (a cell phone photo is fine) if at all possible, and including whether you wish to donate the item to our collection (in which case we will send you a deed-of-gift form) or lend it for exhibit during the Minor Theater Festival only.