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Welcome to the Kids' Page

Thank you for visiting our Kids' Page! We hope you will be celebrating with us at our Arbor Day Celebration at Clinton Elementary School on April 25, 2014. Some members of the Hamilton College Arboretum will be coming to visit!

This page will tell you a bit more about your Arbor Day pencil and trees!

Tree Facts

1. Trees provide homes and food for animals like squirrels and birds.


2. Trees produce oxygen, which we need to breathe!

3. Did you know that there are boy and girl trees? Sometimes they are hard to tell apart, but not ginkgo trees! Female ginkgo trees produce really smelly fruit in the fall, so  you know when you smell one!

This is what a ginkgo leaf looks like:

This gingko tree is about 150 years old. Notice that the leaves turn yellow in the fall.