Around the Hill

Do you have hidden talents in arts & crafts?  For example, are you perhaps a wood carver, a quilter, a photographer, or a painter? If so, would you like an opportunity to share examples of your talent with other employees?  Please let us know by sending your reply to: staff@hamilton.edu as soon as possible or no later than July 12.

The Staff Assembly committee known as "Employee Environment and Professional Development" (EEPD), is interested in hosting an employee Arts & Crafts exhibit in early August so that we can get to know each other better and appreciate the other skills you may have that often go unseen.

We will be holding this event in conjunction with a  Community Lunch, which are well attended by a large number of the College community. We will be offering prizes for "Best in Show" and will provide more details once we know how many of you are interested in displaying your creative work. Please respond by July 12th.