Around the Hill

Getting to Know Hamilton

The Getting to Know Hamilton series will offer guided tours of Hamilton's buildings and grounds by employees, past and present, who will present their personal historical knowledge of Hamilton College. We are hoping to make the Getting to Know Hamilton series a regular semi-annual event that will be filled with fun and intriguing facts about the place we think we know so well.

Ghost Walk

It was a dark and rainy night…

And, about 25 people followed courageous Wayne Gentile, Assistant Director, Campus Safety, around campus as he shared haunting stories experienced by himself and co-workers who either work or have worked on the night shift.

The Staff Assembly Council and the Employee Environment and Professional Development committee sponsored the ghost walk that lasted about 90 minutes. Gentile and his followers (which included a TV crew from YNN, Channel 10), toured through Molly Root House, the Communications and Development building, Elihu Root House, Couper Hall, Buttrick Hall and Minor Theatre.

Gentile has done many tours of this type, often much later at night and usually with much smaller groups. He told the group that safety officers have had many unexplained experiences. He also said that sometimes during the tours nothing unusual happens, but other times strange things do happen, along with an occasional unnerving noise.

His stories included how campus safety officers have heard unexplained footsteps in some buildings, have seen “ghostly” figures passing by windows, difficulties with lights either coming on by themselves, or not coming on when turned on and occasional voices when no one is in the building.

The group toured attics and basements in the dark, and several members had cell phones with an app (ghost radar) that detects paranormal activity (ghosts, spirits and energies), revealing the presence of unexplained phenomenon.

The dark night, drizzly rain and full moon added to the excitement of the tour.