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Getting to Know Hamilton

The Getting to Know Hamilton series will offer guided tours of Hamilton's buildings and grounds by employees, past and present, who will present their personal historical knowledge of Hamilton College. We are hoping to make the Getting to Know Hamilton series a regular semi-annual event that will be filled with fun and intriguing facts about the place we think we know so well.

Hamilton Cemetery

The first event for the Getting to Know Hamilton series was on Tuesday, August 6, with Frank Lorenz, Hamilton's Alumni Review Editor Emeritus, conducting a well-attended, fascinating tour of the Hamilton College Cemetery.

Frank says the cemetery tour, which he has given for several years on Reunion and Fallcoming weekends, was a first for Hamilton employees. He describes the tour as “kind of an informal ramble through the cemetery in which I point out various resting places” and he “speaks about the historical background and the colorful personalities involved.”

Frank spoke of the stones at the entrance, transplanted from central campus, where earlier Hamilton classes had sought to memorialize themselves, and Samuel Kirkland, the Oneida Chief, Schenando (as spelled on the stone), Alexander Wolcott, the Root family and the pillars.

Cemetary Talk by Fank Lorenz
Kirkland Schenando Stone
 Grant Family Stones
Ulysses S. Grant 3rd
Schenando, 100 Yr.Old
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