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Rebirth, Rejoice!

Green Spring Cleaning

Nothing says spring like opening up the windows, letting in fresh air, and cleaning your entire house ceiling to floor.  With the growing trend of being “green” or being environmentally friendly, the Staff Assembly was curious to know how the Hamilton College staff cleans their homes without using harsh chemicals.  What is out there that the community can use to keep our windows spotless, our floors shiny, and our counter-tops germ free? 

Cathy Brown recommends the Kawos (www.kawos.com) cloths.  They are microfiber cloths formerly know as KB cloths.  You only use water to clean your entire home.  No more window cleaner, or dust sprays.  As the cloths get older, Cathy uses them for the bathroom and her floors. 

One reason Anh Murphy made the switch to green cleaning products was her two-year old son.  She and her husband didn’t want him breathing in harsh chemicals every time they wanted to clean the table or counters.  People suggested using a vinegar-water mixture, but the smell wasn’t too appealing.  The Murphy’s discovered The Seventh Generation line (http://www.seventhgeneration.com/mission) and instantly adopted them into their the cleaning regime.  The company makes everything you need to keep your home clean and green.  Anh’s personal favorite is the Lavender Floral and Mint dish soap.  A little can go a long way.  She uses it to wash her dishes, clean off her counter-tops, and wash the floors.  The best part is that her home smells like lavender and mint when she is done.

Gretchen Maxam was a paper towel-a-holic until she discovered Skoy Cloths (www.skoycloth.com).  These reusable, biodegradable cloths are brightly colored, fun to use, and last a long time.  It is like using a sponge and paper towel at the same time.  Gretchen also starting to use products from the company Norwex (http://www.norwex.biz/pws/home2999999/tabs/our-purpose.aspx).  This consultant based business is committed to improving the quality of life by reducing the number of chemicals in the cleaning and personal care products we use everyday.  Want a clean and sanitized home, but hate all the harsh chemicals?  Try Norwex.

Happy cleaning! And here’s to spring coming to the Hill.