Museum, Theatre and Studio Arts Facilities

If you are interested in making a gift to support the new arts facilities, please contact Lori Dennison '87

Committees and Leadership

Trustee Subcommittee for Arts Facilities

Linda E. Johnson '80, Chair
Steven H. Anthony '59 *
Susan Bacot-Davis '88
Daniel W. Dietrich II '64
Petros Kitsos '88
George F. Little II '71, P'06
Thomas J. Schwarz '66
Stuart L. Scott '61, P'91,'06
Patricia B. Selch W'52, P'79,'88
Chester A. Siuda '70
Alba Tull P'13
Wendy Wellin

Ex Officio
Steven J. Bellona
Ian Berry
Lori Rava Dennison '87
Mary McLean Evans '82
Karen L. Leach
Samuel F. Pellman

* deceased

Campus Planning Committee for Arts Facilities

Samuel F. Pellman, Leonard C. Ferguson Professor of Music, Chair
Craig T. Latrell, Professor of Theatre
Rebecca S. Murtaugh, Associate Professor of Art
Katharine M. Kuharic, Kevin W. Kennedy Associate Professor of Art
John C. McEnroe, John and Anne Fischer Professor in Fine Arts
Ian D. Berry, Consulting Director, Emerson Gallery
Susanna White, Associate Director and Curator, Emerson Gallery

Committee on the Visual Arts

Richard Roob '53, Chair
Katharine P. Booth P'06
Peter S. Brams '68
Adrienne Ruger Conzelman '92
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Craven P'99
Daniel W. Dietrich II '64
Peter B. Fischer '63
James Garfinkel '80
Katherine C.Hastings '82
D. Roger Howlett '66
W. Bruce Lundberg, Jr. '66
David Nathans '72
John B.A. Nye '87
Ian S. Peck '89
Sanford A. Ratzan '61
Norman S. Rice
Patricia Bakwin Selch W'52, P'79,'88
Michael Shapiro '71
Patricia T. Smalley P'93
Cindi K. Strauss '91
Lisa Sherman Wade K'77
Caroline M. Welsh P'77
William E. Williams '73
Robert S. Wolfe '67

Performing Arts Advisory Committee

John F. Hadity '83, Co-chair
Robert V. Hansmann '72, Co-chair
Charles C. Bailey '50
Daniel W. Dietrich '64
Sandra Faison K'72
Stephen Flores '74
William S. Gaden II '84
Mara S. Greenberg K'73
Robert S. Kinkle '79
Patricia T. Marshall
Deborah P. Massell '80
Richard J. Nelson '72
Samuel F. Pellman
Jay S. Reise '72
James C. Rhind '83
Nancy L. Rothe P'05
Roy H. Schecter '73
Patricia Bakwin Selch W'52, P'79,'88
Deirdre Towers K'73