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Sports Medicine


The 3,400 square foot Athletic Training clinic provides all continental student-athletes the space to be evaluated, treated, and to get prepared for practice and contests.  It is located on the south end of Bundy Scott Fieldhouse, and is recognized by the large glass atrium near the athletic bus drop-off circle near the Little Squash courts. The space was previously occupied by the fitness center.

The facility provides treatment ares for twelve student-athletes, more than adequate taping/fabricating space and a large area for functional rehabilitation.  Within this area we have, physioballs, discs, and other propreoceptive devices, foam rollers, medicine balls and a rebounder, as well as cardiovascular equipment.
Other equipment include a Keiser functional trainer which runs on compressed air and allows us to vary the resistance in 0.1 pound increments. A Biodex Stability system allows us to monitor lower extremity sway and ankle stability as well as provide data for return to play criteria.   

In addition to the "typical" rehabilitation modalities, the Atheltic Training clinic, also features a state of the art rehabilitation tub unit.  This device, the largest of its kind, boasts an environmentally friendly design, using the energy generated for cooling one tank to provide heat for the other tank.  Each of these tanks hold 650 gallons of water with a capacity of approximately ten student-athletes.