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Intramural Sports

Football Rules

  • Team that forfeits receives loss
  • Teams can play with six players
  • First forfeit results in a warning
  • Second forfeit results in two losses
  • Third forfeit results in removal from league  
  • No rescheduling of the games
  • A player may only play on one team in each league.
  • Varsity player: Anyone on roster at beginning of season, including the entire calendar year
  • Games will be played in all weather with the exception of electrical storms. If field is not playable, (standing water), teams will receive an email from intramural sports.
Result Reporting
  • The captain of the winning team is required to submit an email which includes names of both teams and the score to the Imtfb@hamilton.edu before 10:00pm the next day after the game. Failure to report a score will result in a loss for both teams. 
In game rules
  • Flag football
  • Two 20 minute halves
  • Running clock except for last 2 minutes of each half when an out of bounds results in time stoppage.
  • Two timeouts per side per game.
  • Seven players per side:
    • Offense: Two players must be linemen and they cannot receive the ball.
    • Defense: One player must be lineman and they cannot drop into pass coverage.
  • Each team is given one blitz per every set of downs. When the team blitzes, the quarterback may scramble. This is the only time the quarterback may scramble.
  • When not blitzing, the down lineman may count to "Three Mississippi" and rush the quarterback. The quarterback may not scramble. This count must be audible to the lineman and quarterback.
  • First Downs are issued if a team crosses the 25 yard line
  • Team's start their possesion on the 50 yard line. If a team gains possesion from a turnover then they start with the ball wherever their flag was roemoved   
  • Scoring system is normal. An extra point is awarded from scoring from the "two yard line" and a two point conversion is awarded from scoring from the yellow line.
  • Concerning all other rules, follow normal college football procedure.