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Intramural Sports

Intramural Soccer Rules

Game set-up
  • Two 20-minute halves with a running clock
  • No timeouts are permitted
  • No offsides
Teams and Roster requirement
  • Roster: 15 players max
  • A League: No more than 4 varsity soccer players. Maximum 2 varsity players on field at any time
  • B League: Co-Ed teams are highly encouraged. No varsity players allowed.
  • 6 players on the field at a time
  • Substitutes are permitted when the ball is dead
  • A team is permitted to play with only 5 players on the field but if less than 5 players are present an automatic forfeit occurs
  • All players on the field MUST be on the offical roster (as posted on the IM Website)
  • Throw-ins are not permitted
  • After a sideline out-of-bounds, an indirect kick will be used: the ball will be put in play by a kick from the touch line

Free Kicks

  • Direct Kicks are awarded due to tripped, charging, handling the ball, pushing, jumping, etc
  • Indirect Kicks are awarded on all sideline out-of-bounds, unsportsmanlike conduct, dangerous play, delaying of play, etc
  • Ties will be broken by a 10 minute overtime period with teams switching ends at the 5 minute mark. If the teams remain tied after 10 minutes, a 10 minute suddent death period begins with team's switching sides at the 5 minute mark. If the tie continues, a mid-field shoot out will be administered
  • Each team will alternate 3 offensive kicks with each kick being performed by a different player who played in the game
  • Teams will continue to alternate 3 kick rotations until a winner is determined
  • The team scoring more goals will be awarded the win
  • The captain of the winning team is required to submit an email which includes the names of both teams and the score to the Imsoccer@hamilton.edu before 10:00pm the next day after the game. Failure to report a score will result in a loss for both teams. 
  • Regular-season games that end in a tie will be recorded as such - no overtime or shootouts
  • For the purposes of IM League standings a win will be recorded as 1 point, a tie as .5 point and a loss as 0 points

If a team will be unable to play because of insufficient players, etc. it is the captain's duty to notify the opposing team's captain BEFORE the scheduled game time. The forfeiting team will automatically be assigned an additional loss for the first forfeit, two losses for the second forfeit and will be removed from the league if a third forfeit occurs.

Violation of any of the above stated rules can result in a team's removal from the League.