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Result for UNION (Gilman Plate & Cup)

Hamilton vs. Union Erie Canal Rome, N.Y. April 23, 2014 Men’s Varsity 8 1st Hamilton 6:13.63 2nd Union 6:16.82 Hamilton wins the Gilman Cup Women’s Varsity 8 1st Hamilton 7:00.35 2nd Union 7:12.93 Hamilton wins the Gilman Plate Men’s Second Varsity 8 1st Union 6:34.22 2nd Hamilton 6:40.29 Union wins the Gilman Bowl Women’s Second Varsity 8 1st Hamilton 7:01.98 2nd Union 7:16.82 3rd Hamilton 3V 7:30.52 Hamilton wins the Gilman Goblet Men’s Novice 4 1st Hamilton 7:09.43 2nd Union 7:59.88

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