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Result for ST. LAWRENCE

Men’s Varsity 8 1st St. Lawrence 6:14.61 2nd Hamilton 6:16.26 St. Lawrence wins the Houlihan Cup Women’s Varsity 8 1st Hamilton 7:05.37 2nd St. Lawrence 7:21.81 Hamilton wins the Newell Cup Men’s Second Varsity 8 1st St. Lawrence 6:30.21 2nd Hamilton (Novice) 6:44.11 3rd Hamilton 6:54.60 Women’s Second Varsity 8 1st Hamilton 7:17.48 2nd St. Lawrence 7:28.75 3rd Hamilton (3V8) 7:48.06 Men’s Novice 4 1st Hamilton 7:23.47 2nd St. Lawrence 7:31.15

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