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Maurice Horowitch Career and Life Outcomes Center is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

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EXPLORE: Interests, Skills & Careers

Identify Skills & Interests

  • Most students come into college not knowing  “what to do with their lives,” and that’s okay.
  • Exploring your interests, values, and skills can help you learn about yourself as it pertains to potential careers.
  • Self assessment also helps you articulate aspects of your experience in order to present yourself with confidence
  • Self-assessment isn’t about “taking a test” that will tell you what to be. It’s about identifying some career paths you might want to explore.


FOCUS is a self-exploration assessment tool that generates a profile of your interests, skills, values, personality, and educational preferences. We recommend that you take the Work Interest Assessment and then explore careers that match your profile.

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CareerBeam can help you reflect on different aspects of your personality and skills through a range of assessments. We recommend starting with the Quick Profile for some immediate feedback.

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SkillScan is an interactive self-assessment that can help students articulate their transferrable skills and connect them to career paths. To take SkillScan, attend Exploring Careers 201 or ask your career counselor about taking SkillScan individually.

To talk about the results and your next steps, make an appointment with a counselor.