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Graduate School

How to Apply

Each year many Hamilton College seniors are faced with the choice of going to graduate school versus entering the workforce. Between 16-23% end up going directly to graduate school.

Before you jump into the application process, it is critical that you engage in a bit of "introspection" and answer for yourself the following questions.

What … specifically, what is it that I want to study?
Why … is graduate school necessary at this point in my career?
When … is the best time to attend? Immediately or in 2-5 years?
Where … are the programs that best meet my specific career goals and for which I will be competitive?
How … will I pay for my advanced education?

Once you have given careful consideration to the above questions, the following information will help you through the application process:

Grad School Planning Timeline (from Peterson's)
Identifying Graduate Programs
Taking Standardized Tests
Finding Financial Aid
Writing a Personal Statement
Recommendation Letters