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A remarkable number of Hamilton alumni are successful attorneys. In order to keep this tradition alive in the face of more competitive conditions for being accepted into law school, this web site provides a plan of action for your time at Hamilton. It is intended for both those who want to continue directly onto law school after graduation as well as those who choose to take time off first.

In addition to the information presented here, please be sure to meet with Heather Wixson, Pre-Law Advisor in the Career Center to review your career decisions and your specific application strategy.

The following links provide both general advice and specific information to help you become an excellent candidate for law school and ultimately, be admitted to your law school of choice. Begin by reading the Career Center's Law School Planning Guide, which also includes a basic undergraduate timeline.

Other resources:

Thinking About A Career in Law
This podcast will help you decide if a career in law is right for you. It outlines steps that an undergraduate should take to explore law and prepare for law school.

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC)
Many of your questions about law school and law school preparation will be answered here. The mission of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is to provide the highest quality admission-related services for legal education institutions and their applicants throughout the world. LSAC's services include the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), LSAT preparation tools and credential assembly services. The website also provides information on choosing a law school and financing a law school education.

Applying to Law Schools
This podcast covers details of the actual application process, provides tips and helps candidates develop excellent application materials.

The LSAT is a crucial part of the application process, and is major factor in a school's admission decision for every candidate. You'll need to know not only when and where to take the test, but how to prepare for it. Everything you need to know about the LSAT is on this section of LSAC's website.

The Law School Locator
This resource, developed by Boston College, can help you identify schools where your scores and grades are most competitve for admission and help you gauge your chance of admission at a particular school. The chart is useful in evaluating law school choices but cannot determine where you should or should not apply.

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