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HamNET Instructions

Logging into your account:

  1. For first time users, login using your Hamilton Student ID number (located on your Hill Card) as your Username and the start-up password "aaron."
  2. You are now looking at the HamNET home page. Notice the Announcements on the left, the Quick Links in the center, and the Jump To below the links. Please see the Overview (section V) for more information on these sections.

Changing your password:

The first thing you should do is change your password to something easy for you to remember.

  1. Click on the Profile tab
  2. Click on the Password/Preferences tab. Enter your start-up password "aaron" as your old password. Enter and confirm what you want your new password to be. When finished, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken back to the HamNET home page.

**An important note about your password: All passwords are encrypted and therefore not viewable in the system. Please choose a password you will remember and/or write it down somewhere because you will not be able to view it from your account. Our office also will NOT be able to tell you what your password is. If you forget your password, you will need to click on the "Forgot Password" button on the HamNET login page to have your password reset and emailed to your email address.

Completing your profile:

  1. Click on the Profile menu.
  2. Complete/edit the fields in each of the three tabs: Personal Information and Academic Information. Be sure to fill in all of the required fields noted with the red "*" and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of each page.
  3. When completing your profile please use your official name.

Uploading your resume:

  1. Click on the Documents link at the top of the HamNET page if you are not already on that page and click on the Add New button.
  2. The Label is the title or name of your document. You can upload multiple targeted documents, so make this label as specific as possible. Choose the correct Document Type (resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, writing sample or other document). Browse to find your document file and click Submit to upload your document. The upload process may take several minutes. When the process is finished, you will see a green "ready" under the Status column on the Documents home page. If you have more than one document to upload, repeat the process by clicking on Add New. In the View column you should see that you also have a PDF version of your document.
  3. Default Resume: If you upload more than one resume (you can have up to 10 different documents), you will need to make sure the correct resume is your default resume. The Document Title is in bold on the current default. Click the Make Default button to change your default resume.

System overview – Just the basics:

  1. Home Page Highlights:
    A. Announcements: Regularly check here for important announcements from the Career Center.
    B. Quick Links: You will find direct links to the pages you may use the most.
    C. Jump To: LACN Consortia (Liberal Arts Career Network): Hamilton College is a founding member of this consortium of 28 highly-selective liberal arts colleges. LACN can offer additional internships and jobs posting from employers.
  2. Your Menu Choices:   
    A. Profile: Your personal, academic and password information.
    B. Documents: Where you upload your resumes, cover letters, unofficial transcripts, writing samples and other documents.
    C. Jobs: HamNET Jobs/Internships: where you search for Internship, Post BA Internships/Fellowships, and Post BA Jobs, and see which companies are recruiting on-campus. NACElink Extended Job Search: This site can contain internship, entry-level and experience-level opportunities. Additional Job Links: This link will open a page of job links on the Career Center site.
    D. Employers: All employer information listed with the Career Center. You can even make your own list of your favorites.
    E. Interviews: View interview requests, sign up for interviews, and view scheduled interviews. NOTE: This tab does not list companies that are recruiting on-campus; just your applications.
    F. Events: You will see two tabs on this page. Information Sessions: View upcoming Employer Information Sessions. Workshops: View workshops sponsored through the Career Center.
    G. Calendar: Use this as your personal online calendar to record your interviews.
    H. Jump To: LACN Consortia (Liberal Arts Career Network): Hamilton College is a founding member of this consortium of 28 highly-selective liberal arts colleges. LACN can offer additional internships and jobs posting from employers.
  3. Log Out:
    A. Be sure to log out after completing your work. To log out, click "Log Out" at the top right corner of your screen.