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How I Got My First Job: Savannah Knell '10

Like many other seniors at Hamilton, I wasn’t completely confident in pursuing just one career path for my post-college life. I was interested in exploring options, learning more about prospective fields, and gathering as much information as I possibly could.  However, as many seniors can also relate, the job market was limited at the time of my graduation and when offered a job at a high powered law firm in New York City I couldn’t refuse.  More ...

5 Tips for Landing the Perfect Internship by Kate Moore '12

The “perfect” internship looks different for every Hamilton student, but regardless of what career interests you, the perfect internship should be one that inspires you.  For me, that meant interning for the National School Climate Center in New York City. I was able to spend the summer after my junior year working with talented people, at an organization that motivated me to give 110 percent and helped me settle on a career path.  More ...

HamiltonExplore Experience by Grace Lee '13

Grace Lee '13 took full advantage of HamiltonExplore, career shadowing program is designed to assist sophomore students with career exploration and decision making by offering the opportunity to "shadow" (observe) a Hamilton alumnus/a or parent in the workplace for a day or part of a day. She "shadowed" Elizabeth DeBraggio '07 at the Institute for Education and Social Policy (IESP) and learned if this was a good career fit.  More ...

Career Center Tips: How to Network Online

"Everyone is always telling us to network – that most jobs are found via word of mouth and through personal connections.  Back when our parents were our age, networking meant something very different than it does now.  It was face-to-face, handshakes, business cards swapped and put into rolodexes.  Maybe someone knew someone and could introduce you.  Sometimes there were drinks involved.  It was a socially-based thing.  As society has moved to being more automated and online, networking has changed and morphed, and we have to learn to work our networking skills both online and in person."  More ...

Consider working for the U.S. Department of State

For both summer internships and full-time entry level positions, the U.S. Department of State hires adventurous, adaptable, well-rounded strategic problem-solvers, from diverse educational, geographic and cultural backgrounds and perspectives, who want to make a contribution to the global society.  More ...

No Career Direction? Find your way with FOCUS assessment

“I have no idea what I want to do with my life and I just need some direction!”

Do those words describe how you feel? Making a career decision can be a daunting task. And the Career Center staff understands that and wants to help you! A great place to start is FOCUS, an on-line tool to help you identify your interests, skills, and personality traits and get a list of possible careers to explore.  More ...

A Career as a Interpreter or Translator is Well Suited to Liberal Arts Grads

According to Cornelia Brown, Ph.D., Executive Director of MAMI Community Interpreters, positions of translator and interpreter are well suited to liberal arts grads in that they combine various disciplines and abilities. In addition to language fluency (or near fluency), professional interpreters and translators need to understand cultural nuances of language as well as a working knowledge of the subject material, be it medicine, law, business or diplomacy. http://www.hamilton.edu/careercenter  More ...

Networking Advice: 6 Tips for Crafting an “elevator speech”

An "elevator speech" is a 30-second overview of your interests, skills, and goals. The term comes from the average time it takes to complete an elevator ride.  The "elevator speech" is a prepared presentation that grabs attention and says a lot in a few words; namely, who you are, your most salient interests and skills, and where you hope to go in the future.  Having a memorized elevator speech will allow you to clearly articulate your goals, and take advantage of spontaneous networking opportunities.  More ...

Debbie Chen '13 and shadow sponsor, Caroline Abbey '06
Debbie Chen '13 makes her career connection through HamiltonExplore

During my HamiltonExplore experience, I shadowed an editor at Bloomsbury Children’s Books and met with a publicist at Random House. Having the opportunity to understand two different but equally crucial components of publishing and meeting alumni who encouraged my interest in this field helped me realize that I could pursue a career in publishing.  More ...

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