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Nathan Fedrizzi '10 searching for sustainability in the Global Seahorse Trade
Post-graduate Fellowships can lead to unique opportunities

Post-graduate fellowships provide a truly unique and special opportunity to explore interests and passions that might otherwise be abandoned in the face of more practical, and lucrative alternatives for the first year out of college.  More ...

Victor Banor '13 (right) with his shadow sponsor Stu Finkelstein (left)
Victor Banor '13 shares his HamiltonExplore job shadowing experience

Hamilton's career shadowing program is designed to assist sophomore students with career exploration and decision making by offering the opportunity to "shadow" (observe) a Hamilton alumnus/a or parent in the workplace for a day or part of a day. Read Victor Banor's experience to learn how this program works for students. Learn more about shadowing opportunities for current sophomores at HamiltonExplore.  More ...

How I Got My Internship at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Ever since enrolling in my AP Art History class my junior year of high school, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the arts world. After having a variety of art-related internships the past three summers, working at the Richard Gray Gallery and the Art Institute in Chicago, and the Rubin Museum and New York City Opera, I decided this past December that I wanted to try to work at my most favorite museum, The Whitney Museum of American Art.  More ...

Career Advice: Are you at a MAJOR crossroad?

You’ve probably heard the popular rock classic, “Life is a Highway” performed by numerous artists.   While nobody knows what routes they will actually take in life--and many college graduates do experience detours--, students who thoughtfully select a major concentration can positively impact their journey.   More ...

Mihai Dohotaru '13 explores his career options through job shadowing

Mihai Dohotaru '13 participated in HamiltonExplore, Hamilton's career shadowing program is designed to assist sophomore students with career exploration and decision making by offering the opportunity to "shadow" (observe) a Hamilton alumnus/a or parent in the workplace for a day or part of a day.   More ...

Molly Haughey '12
Haughey ’12 Peddles Benefits of Cycling in Boston

Like many cities, Boston encourages bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation that’s good for one’s health and for the environment.  To help encourage bike-riding cities must implement bike-friendly features such as bike lanes and racks. The Boston Cyclists Union helps make that city conducive to bicycling, and Molly Haughey ’12 was a summer intern there, writing articles for the organization’s newsletter and creating an informational video about the Union.  More ...

Emma Taylor '13
Nourishing USA Aims to Feed, Educate, Advocate

New York City is known as a bright, loud “city that never sleeps.” Yet despite the glamorous side of the city, poverty-stricken communities such as East Harlem face issues of food scarcity and poor nutrition. Emma Taylor ’13 is spending her summer interning for Nourishing USA, helping to alleviate nutritional problems in some of New York’s poorest communities.  More ...

Eleanor Gartner '12
Gartner '12 Explores Life of Art Critic Calvin Tomkins

Museums offer the public an immense wealth of shared cultural artifacts in the form of various art mediums, and their employees help ensure that they remain a valued resource for treasured works. Eleanor Gartner ’12 is spending the summer as an intern for the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, conducting research on the life and work of former New Yorker magazine art critic Calvin Tomkins. Her research is supported by the Kevin Kennedy Class of '70 Internship Fund for the Arts through the Career Center.  More ...

Sara Miller '12
Miller ’12 Targets Human Rights Violations

Human rights violations infringe upon the basic, international rights that everybody should have. Sara Miller ’12 is spending the summer as a fighting discrimination intern at Human Rights First. Her efforts are focused on human rights violations in Uganda, and specifically she is helping to target the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Her internship is supported by a Summer 2011 Levitt Public Service Internship Grant.  More ...

Rebecca Pomerantz '12
Reading Between the Lines

As a student interested in publishing, Rebecca Pomerantz ’12 knows the value of an internship at a large and established publishing firm. These positions often provide students with valuable experience to fuel their careers and enhance their understanding of the publishing field. Pomerantz is spending this summer as an editorial intern for HarperCollins Publishers. She is supported by the Joseph F. Anderson ’44 Internship Fund through the Career Center.  More ...

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