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9 Job Sites to Bookmark for Your Career

Ben Tomaszewski '10's own job search was successful thanks to connections he made in-person at ECCD - New York, where he was introduced to SmartBrief, his future employer. Ironically, SmartBrief is an organization that offers highly targeted online job boards to assist others with their job search process. Though interviewing and networking functions like ECCD can provide important opportunities, many job boards now offer additional resources and functionalities to job seekers. Here are nine of the top job sites, including SmartBrief, that boast valuable services beyond job postings.
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How I Got My First Job: Lindsay Mahl '09

I’m not one of those people who plan in advance, always knowing what my next move is going to be. I like to think this is a good quality; however, when searching for jobs after college this can be a problematic mindset. The day after graduating from Hamilton with majors in psychology and French, I was faced with a harsh reality: I had only my dad’s couch to sleep on and no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  More ...

How I Got My First Job with Laurel Symonds '10

I walked into Hamilton knowing I wanted to major in creative writing, and the summer following my sophomore year I realized what I would do with the degree. I’m now happily employed in my dream job thanks to an amazing network of Hamilton alums, a lot of hard work, and patience.  More ...

Hali Baumstein '11
Getting Involved on Campus Can Help You Get a Job

Over the years, I’ve become involved with a number of organizations and activities on campus. But campus activities are also great to have on your resume – they can help you market your greatest qualities to potential employers.  More ...

Lauren Macy (Hayden) '07 shares her experience in finding her first job
How I Got My First Job by Lauren Macy (Hayden) '07

Lauren Macy (Hayden) ’07, Project Coordinator in the Developing Countries Department of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement tells the story of how she landed her first job.  More ...

Robert Moses '56
Alumni Speakers Bring Expertise to Campus

Speakers at Hamilton this fall have reflected a Who’s Who of leaders in many fields, including alumni who returned to campus to share their expertise. Organizations and classes on the Hill have been fortunate to draw from the wealth of experience and knowledge of Hamilton alumni.  More ...

Do's and Don'ts in Graduate School Essays

Believe it or not, graduate schools don't want to hear how much you "love" their programs. University of Pennsylvania professor Marybeth Gasman has seen and read it all, and offers some great advice for students drafting grad school essays.  More ...

Up & Coming Career Spotlight: Urban Planning

As one of the 50 best careers of 2010, Urban Planning will experience strong growth over the next decade. Urban Planning is a multidisciplinary career field lending itself well to liberal arts graduates. It combines interests in the environment, community, design, land use, government relations & technology.  More ...

One Day One Job - A new approach to your job search

A Google search for "entry level job" yields 29,300,000 results. Even if you’re looking for a job in a specific field, scouring the internet for available positions can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. One Day, One Job is a website that features a new employer each day, connecting recent college graduates with ideal job opportunities as well as career advice.  More ...

How to Get "Paid" for an Unpaid Internship

Many students wonder if they can afford to do an unpaid summer internship, especially when the internship takes place in a major metro area where they do not live. Through Hamilton's Summer Internship Funding (SIF) program, taking an unpaid internship may not be as difficult as you think.  More ...

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