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Anthony Mathieu '12
From Student to Teacher

Considering how significant even a single semester’s coursework can be, it’s not surprising that many Hamilton students graduate feeling they need a break from formal education. Not so for Anthony Mathieu ’12, who was accepted into a graduate program at Boston Teacher Residency (BTR). Mathieu will spend a year as a resident in a Boston public school classroom in pursuit of a master’s degree in education.  More ...

Susan Effler '12
Susan Effler '12 Fashions a Career at Saks

With a long-standing attraction to the fashion industry, Susan Effler ’12 has been cultivating an interest in retail for years. Effler, a May graduate, just began a new full-time position at Saks 5th Avenue, a luxury fashion retailer based in midtown Manhattan.  More ...

Jason Mariasis '12
Mariasis '12 Capitalizes on Positive Internship Experience to Land Job

Jason Mariasis looked at 25 liberal arts schools before he found Hamilton. It was a perfect fit right away—he applied Early Decision. Four years later as a new Hamilton graduate, he has found another perfect fit at Capital One Financial’s Digital Strategies group, where he will be employed beginning this summer.  More ...

Julia Litzky '12
Julia Litzky '12 Headed to Dartmouth's M.D./Ph.D. Program

Julia Litzky ’12 doesn’t sleep much, and that annoys her. “I used to be able to run off three hours a night freshman year,” she said, “but now I have to get  five or six.” In between finalizing her acceptance to Dartmouth’s M.D./Ph.D. program, volunteering at the Writing Center and crafting her own metal jewelry, it’s surprising she had time to sleep at all as her time at Hamilton wound down.  More ...

Foxfire Buck ’12
Foxfire Buck ’12 Joins Teach for America

There is perhaps no greater evidence of the transformative power of education than the moment when a recent college graduate moves from the pupil’s desk to the front of the classroom. These newly minted teachers are the front lines in the battle to provide education for every American child, regardless of geographic location or family income.  Foxfire Buck '12 is one such new teacher.  More ...

Bonnie Wertheim '14
Wertheim ’14 Interns with Industry’s Largest Music Producer

In the current job market, summer internships are becoming harder and harder to come by, but this did not stop Bonnie Wertheim ’14 from securing two internships this summer in the competitive field of entertainment media. Wertheim is spending the summer splitting her time between VICE Media, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Universal Republic Records, in New York City.  More ...

Lauren Magaziner '12
Lauren Magaziner '12 Awarded Book Contract With Penguin

Taking the advice A.G. Lafley '69 offered in his Commencement address on May 20, members of the Class of 2012 are starting to "make things happen." In a series of articles that will appear on this website over the summer months, we'll feature 10 newly-minted Hamilton graduates who are preparing to make their mark by advancing their education or beginning a job.   More ...

Counselors' Pick: Prepare for your next interview with InterviewStream

So, you got the call.  They want you to come in for an interview.  There’s only one problem: you’ve never had an interview before.  Don’t worry, Hamilton’s new tool InterviewStream is the solution!  More ...

Amy Soenksen '13 and Knute Gailor '13, recipients of Levitt Public Service summer internships, pose in front of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. The students worked with Department of Justice paralegals and attorneys prepping cases for trial.
Don't turn down your unpaid internship yet

You’ve spent countless hours scouring the Internet for the perfect internship. You’ve written dozens of cover letters, networked, and interviewed and now, finally, you’ve applied to your dream internship. The only problem is that it’s unpaid, and you can’t afford to work for three months without some income. Is this the end of the road? Hardly!  More ...

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