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Post-BA fellowship offers valuable short-term experiences

Looking for a unique way to pursue your passion after graduation? A post-BA fellowship offers short-term experiences than enable recent grads to explore an academic, professional, or personal interest. Dani Forshay ’11 elected to pursue a Fulbright Fellowship based on her college experiences as an English major and Russian studies minor.  More ...

A Unique Angle on Networking with Josh Wexler

When it comes to networking, Josh is a reliable authority. In the four years since his graduation from Dartmouth College, Josh has forged an impressive career path from a consultant with Deloitte, to CEO and Founder of his own companies, to his current position as a consultant at iRise.  More ...

How Mark Zuckerberg Got Me My First Job by Alyssa White '11

I worked hard to earn my first job, but I wouldn’t have actually gotten it without Mark Zuckerberg.  That may sound counter-intuitive, since all we usually hear about Facebook and job hunting is that they don’t mix. Allow me, then, to explain.  More ...

The Career Center is located on the 3rd floor of the Bristol Center.
Milestones: What, when, where and how?

You may be thinking that the Career Center is only for seniors looking for jobs or for those who already know what they want to do for a career. Nothing could be further from the truth! We want to help ALL Hamilton students as they navigate the road to career success. The Career Center will guide you through the four most important career-related "milestones" to help you prepare for your future while still at Hamilton.  More ...

Unpaid Internships Are Made Possible with Summer Internship Funding

You’ve spent countless hours scouring the Internet for the perfect internship. You’ve written dozens of cover letters and submitted your resume to at least ten different employers. You’ve networked and interviewed and now, finally, you’ve been offered the dream internship. The only problem is you can’t afford to work for three months without any pay. Is this the end of the road?  More ...

Meet Your Resume Milestone with Help from the Career Center

A carefully organized and well-worded resume shows your employer that you are a serious applicant who is well-qualified for the job. However, creating a resume isn’t as simple as listing all of your awards and activities.  More ...

Top Skills for Job Candidates

You've got the GPA, you've got the internship experience, and you've got the interview. But do you have the "soft skills" that will set you apart from dozens or hundreds of other job applicants? NACE's "Job Outlook 2011 Survey" has identified the top five qualities employers look for in recent grads.  More ...

How I Got My Internship by Janine Barlow '13

Two months into my sophomore fall, I wasn’t particularly concerned with finding an internship for the next summer. I checked HamNet from time to time, but relevant jobs were not yet surfacing for me no matter what website I checked. I learned quickly that the search for any job or internship begins with more than finding listings at which to throw my resume and cover letter.  More ...

HamiltonExplore Experience with Lauren Howe '13

Read how Lauren Howe's HamiltonExplore experience confirmed herdesire to go into nonprofit and/or social justice related work after undergraduate or graduate school.  We have opened this year's program to juniors. Visit the Career Center's HamiltonExplore page for application information.  More ...

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