Career Outcomes Report

Post-Baccalaureate Study: Summary

Class of 2008

Law 28% 19
Mathematics & Sciences 24% 16
Health Care 13% 9
Social Sciences 10% 7
Communications 6% 4
Humanities 6% 4
Arts 5% 3
Business 5% 3
Education 3% 2

The information above notes the fields of study pursued by the 67 graduates (18%) that went directly on to graduate school. Nineteen graduates chose to attend law school and sixteen selected programs in the sciences.

Note that these numbers track students who went directly on to graduate school after their time at Hamilton. The percent of alumni from any given class who proceed to graduate school within five years of graduation from Hamilton is estimated to be roughly 50%. (Many graduate programs, especially those in business administration and international affairs, strongly prefer students who have several years of full-time work experience).