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Class of 2009 Outcomes Report

Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Class of 2009

Eight graduates (2%) from the Class of 2009 were awarded national or Hamilton fellowships for postgraduate pursuits. Hamilton continues to achieve a high level of recognition and success in national programs, as noted by our awards in top-level competitions such as the Watson Fellowship and the Fulbright Grant programs.

Bristol Fellowship

A Culinary Journey: Recipes through an Economic-Historic Lens: Malaysia, India, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Italy

George Watson's College Educational Teaching Intern


J. William Fulbright Grant

MSc Program in Economic Development Policy at University of the West Indies
Mona, Jamaica

J. William Fulbright Grant English Teaching Assistantship


J. William Fulbright Grant English Teaching Assistantship


J. William Fulbright Grant English Teaching Assistantship


Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Traffic: Red Light, Green Light? Prostitution and the Modern Day Slave Trade

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Earth Architecture: The Keystone to Reducing our Environmental Footprint

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