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Class of 2015


May 2016

Each year, the Career & Life Outcomes Center contacts recent graduates in an effort to track their progress during their first year after Hamilton. Based on information from 94% of the Class of 2015, we know that 79% are employed in a job or internship, 9% are enrolled in graduate or professional school program, and 3% are participating in a post-graduate fellowship.

The four top career areas of employment are education, business management, finance and science & technology. Also attractive to our recent grads were opportunities in consulting, the nonprofit sector and marketing & sales. Most of the Class is living in New York City, Boston or Washington and the vast majority is in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions of the country.

This report is compiled each year by the Career Center staff under the direction of David Bell, and would not be possible without the willingness of our alumni to report back to us. Thank you to the members of the Class of 2015 who participated. If you have questions about this report, feel free to contact us.

Finally, the report provides outcome information by academic concentration. Please enjoy reading about the many accomplishments of the Class of 2015.

Sam Welch ’86
Executive Director
Maurice Horowitch Career & Life Outcomes Center
315-859- 4346

Overall Status

The statistics in this report are based on information from 473 out of a class of 505 graduates (94%). 427 (90%) are employed in a job or internship, in graduate school, or engaged in a graduate fellowship opportunity.

  • 353 (75%) are employed with a job;
  • 12 (5%) are participating in a post-BA internship;
  • 43 (9%) are pursuing graduate school;
  • 10 (2%) are pursuing fellowship opportunities.
  • 15 (3%) are "in transition" (traveling, applying to graduate programs, or not looking for positions);
  • 31 (6%) are searching for jobs.

Career Outcomes: What Are They Doing Now?

(includes employment, internships, graduate school and fellowships)
Health, Science and Technology 74 17%
Education and Nonprofit 75 18%
Business Management 49 12%
Finance 48 11%
Communications 36 8%
Other (includes fellowships) 30 7%
Consulting 30 7%
Government and Law 39 9%
Marketing and Sales 32 8%
Arts 14 3%

Geographic Outcomes: Where Are They Now?

Top Metro Areas:
New York City 117 30%
Boston 52 13%
Washington, D.C. 23 6%
San Francisco 12 3%
Utica, N.Y. 10 3%
Madison, Wisc. 10 3%
Los Angeles 5 1%
Providece, R.I. 5 1%

We know the geographic whereabouts of 393 (78%) of the Class of 2015. Geographic stats are based on the 78%.