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Maurice Horowitch Career and Life Outcomes Center is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

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The Career Center encourages every student to get two career-related experiences before they graduate, which most often take place after sophomore year and after junior year. A career-related experience is often an internship, but also might be a research, job, or volunteer experience tied to a potential career path.

Search Strategies:
  • Before you start searching, get some ideas of what you’re searching for.
  • Your first CRE very likely an informal opportunity that is found through someone you know or through reaching out directly to the organization with an exploratory email.
  • For this break-in opportunity, look close to home and try to match approximate fit of industry, organization, or role so that you can build skills towards next summer. Researching companies can help you build your prospect list of organizations.
  • Your second CRE is an opportunity to enhance the skills and knowledge you gained in your break-in opportunity. For instance, you might seek an opportunity that relates directly to your intended career path or apply to more prestigious companies.
  • For both of these, students are much more successful when they network and reach out to organizations rather than only apply to listed opportunities.
  • Our new and improved HamNet system lists opportunities that have direct Hamilton connections or that come recommended from Hamilton staff and students. External internship listings are also helpful in giving you a broader view of internship offerings.
  • HPIN (Hamilton Internship Peer Network) connect with other students about their internships.